Jamaican Jerk Spicy Shuffle

YHC has completely lost the ability to make analogies to a Food Recipe Theme week.  Deuce suggested that this workout was extra spicy with its painful portions, so we’ll go with a Jamaican Jerk shuffle to wrap up the week.


  • SSH * 25 IC
  • T^3 * 15 IC
  • Don Quixote * 12 IC
  • Disclaimer Given

The Thang

Indian Run the long way (flag, toward playground, to pavilion, turn left back to parking lot behind stadium).

As a group, run parking lot snakes up and down each aisle.  At the start of each aisle, drop a PAX from the group to do Merkins or LBCs until the group reaches the top of the next aisle.  The dropped PAX has to catch the group, which roughly equates to 2 aisles worth of sprinting.  Continue dropping PAX, running snakes, and sprinting until all PAX have had to catch the pack twice.  This took about 18 minutes.

1 round of group Catch Me If You Can … the group runs backward while a single PAX drops for 5 merkins, though we quickly realized that it should have been 10.   After the merkins, sprint forward to catch the group.

1 jogging lap around the parking lot perimeter.

Back to the flag for 6 MoM.  The Q dictated that the PAX feet could not touch the ground during the entire round of Mary, including between exercises

  • 25 LBCs OYO
  • 15 Dolly’s
  • 10 American Hammers
  • 6 Boat Canoes
  • 15 Flutter Kicks

Total Shuffled Distance: 2.75 miles


CAR, NAR, Announcements, Prayer Requests

F3 Pooler workout at Pooler 1st Presbyterian Church, 7 am Saturday.  Coffeeteria at Omelet Cafe afterwards for those interested.

Deuce reminded everyone to hydrate well in this Savannah heat & humidity combination.

We lift up Friar Tuck’s family as they mourn the passing of his 100 year old grandmother.

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