Shuffle Q Q Shuffle

Three HIM arrived to Daffin Park, all on foot today.  YHC was already sweat drenched from the quick jog from home to the AO.  After passing the Q around last night like a hot potato I appeared that I was left with it this AM.

In out frequent casual shuffle style, we proceeded directly to a stroll around the neighborhood with pain stations at several of the fine small parks.

1st stop was Guckenheimer park with 25 merkins and 25 LBCs

2nd stop was Hull Park.  The sprinklers were apparently left on overnight. Attempts to try to save the city water bill were unfortunately not successful with lack of appropriate tools.  We then completed 25 tricep dips and 25 flutter kicks

3rd stop was Theus park with 25 Freddy Mercury’s and 25 jump squats

We went back to Daffin park with plenty of time for a stroll around the perimeter and time for one last pain station. This time 25 merkins and 25 reverse crunches directly on an ant hill. Matlock positioned himself squarely on top.  Ham and YHC flanking him and just far enough to escape the ants wrath.  Matlock persevering through dozens of ant bites to complete the assigned task in true HIM style. We did quickly stop under a lamp post to Assist in brushing off the remaining ants, then returned to the starting site for a quick pledge and prayer.

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