YHC arrived with a PAX already forming.  Rainbow Row had invited an FNG (Welcome Downy!) but then warned that he was running even later then his typical almost being on time. Fortunately he only missed the disclaimer which.

This time the format of the workout was disclosed from the start.  20 reps of 20 different exercises. The concept was simple and as follows:

1. Side Straddle Hops IC

2. Through the tunnel IC

3.  Imperial Walkers IC

4. Moroccan Night Clubs IC

Attempted a little mosey down to the stadium and back to the picnic tables, cut short due to PAX complaints about running and sore legs from a long run the day before.

5. Tricep dips

6. Jump Squats

7. Derkins

8.Reverse lunge

Mosey to the coupons

9. Flutter Kicks IC

10. Cinder block rows

11. Shoulder press

12. Big boy sit ups

Bear crawl to the swings

13. Pull-ups

14 Burpees

15. LBCs IC

16. Freddie Mercury’s IC

Back to the coupons

17. Cinder block bicep curls

18. Goblet Squats

19. Merkins

20. Carolina dry docks

Work-out completed with near perfect timing to go back to the flag for Countarama, Namarama, Pledge and Prayer

We of course welcomed Downy.  Also great to see sand bar back.  It’s always tough starting in August and getting used to the heat in addition to the early mornings.  It is never easy but it does get easier and you get stronger.



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