Farmers 4 Veterans

Three Pax took the tabernacle, with an FNG, we spent an extra minute waiting on Fleetwood who fart sacked. We reviewed the core principles, the design of our workouts. It was a nice morning and YHC, got the Q after Friar Tuck was advised of mandatory rest.  Our FNG was EH’d from Pooler’s Drag Queen who should have been named DisQualified, but we’ll get to that another day.

The warning was delivered, and advised mandatory prior to every opening.


MNC x IC 20, TTT, Imperial Walker’s, Don Quixote, Mountain Climbers, all IC  15, Plank a Roma

The Thang

Mosey’d to the helicopter pad, to inspect the multiple mounds of dirt. Described back blast the importance of them, the plan, string of pearls, it’s better to have a simple plan of too much than to over complicate, confuse etc. YHC enjoys not using a Weinke, or a play card so many of YHC are either an acronym, or repetitive to hit high numbers, or stations.

Today we are running a good intro hybrid stations for blimps

10 Burpees at the first corner lunged to the next corner, moseyed to the next corner for 9 burpees

Moseyd to the market for 10 Inclines, 25 dips, rinse repeat  was planned but we mosey’d YHC was so excited about the coupons.

The Pax started talking about how we all grew up in farming towns, with farming friends, and our family’s all had gardens growing up, low and behold we found ourselves on the veterans trail of the past Wars and we found coupons the following coupons, 5 gallon water jugs filled with High quality H20, a 40lb sandbar, 10lb med ball, and 25 pound dumb bells.

While one Pax farmer carried the water jugs 40 lbs each down the verterans trail and back the other pax did squats, or amerian hammers with the ball.

Rinsed repeat – this sucked, the pax embraced it, we all thought this is really far for water, but not as far as we would go, or the men that gave us freedom went, so no complaints, humbled we were very grateful to head bck to the flag.


Captian Thor’s

COT lead by Tofu


We got Tigger (grad from Auburn University), three kids, one college senior, one college freshman, and a 13 year old… Great guy, modern day crusader…thanks dragqueen for EH’ing him to RH

Keep pushing the EH’ing

Hope Friar Tuck feels better and God’s speed for mending.

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