Labor Day Special at Fuel

Warm up:

Moroccan nightclub ICx15

Imperial Marchers ICx15

Jack slaps (is that what we are calling Salmonella?) ICx15

Hand release pushups OOx15

The Thing:

Mosey 1 mile

Then 200m sprint, 30 sec plank, 400m sprint walk 200m, sprint back to starting point =800m


Then when Salmonella that we had finished we headed over to the play ground for some fun. It was commented that I was getting good at hiding coupons. (Had a good teacher, Salmonella.)

15-banded pushups

15 ring rows

Plan was for 4 but we were getting short on time so we got a total of 3 in.

Ending circuit was 5 exercises for 30 sec. each.

45lbs kettle bell carry in right hand 20lbs kettle bell carried overhead in left


35lbs ball pick up and toss over shoulder alternating

25lbs pincher static hold

All times 2

5th exercises was flutter kicks first time and walking lunges the second

Picked up supplies and headed back to the cars (this ended up being an added exercise.)



BOM- Salmonella is moving to Richmond Hill and will be needed some help in a few weeks. 27-28 SEP if I remember correctly.

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