Richmond Hill/JF G

PAX: Tofu, Salmonella, UGA V

1 min. warning given by Sal.


Moroccan nightclub ICx10, Chinooks ICx10 reverse/repeat, Imperial walkers ICx10, Flat slap jacks ICx20

The thing:

Moseyed over to the farmers market.


Rows x10

Step-ups x6/leg with 40lbs. sandbag (thanks Sal)

Merikins with bands x15

Dips on table x25


Walking lunges 2×20

Broad jumps 6xtriplet

Walking lunges 2×20 (just to feel the burn again)

Mosey back to flag for…

SL bridge x30 sec R and L, low plank x30 sec, Flutter kicks ICx20, Side plank R and L x30 sec each, American Hammers ICx20

And for the finisher to take care of everyone’s back Cobra’s x10 OYO

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