Hull Park Improvising

3 pax drifted out of the muggy gloom to engage in an improvised workout.  The scheduled Q for the day had to take care of the family and do some baby curls.  The 3 pax also make up the Savannah #runclub, so it was decided to incorporate some running.  Suprise!

TwoPack led the group through the warm up:
30 Side Stradle Hops ic
30 moroccan night clubs ic
20 windmills ic
20 through the tunnels ic (no claps, in respect to twinkle)
30 flutter kicks ic

The Thang:
Each man took a body region (Hamm – core, Guppy – legs, Twopack – upper).  The group would complete a 400M run/sprint around the park, then complete the subQ’s exercise.

20 pretzel crunches
30 4count squats
25 merkins
Pull ups – max out
Plank a rama
40 flutter kicks IC
Lunge 25 yards, high skip back
Lunge 25 yards, tin man skip back
200M to the amphitheater
25 dips, 25 derkins, 25 dips, 25 inclimerkins
600M run to end it.

After the rock and roll marathon on November 4th, Guppy’s family adoption effort will be holding a fundraiser at Boulihan and Falligant law firm on the south end of Forsyth Park.  Big Bon pizza will be involved, so you can add back those calories you burn earlier in the day.

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