Water Generators

As we continue the week, all wishing we had cashed in on an atmospheric water generator, do you remember the water mill, the 2009 Australian machine that would take muggy syrupy air and make fresh sterile drinking water. Dang thing looked like an ac wall unit…for $1200 people in the south would, well at least in  Savannah this week we would not have a reason to buy water. Sweltering summer humidity like in the tropics in October. As our Pax sights in on long runs or putting on urine scented cologne in order to chase descendents of Bambi in the woods, few of us stay focused on a goal of 20 pax….can Sav achieve that? Thoughts? Personally YHC needs to be hunting too, venison is great, maybe or brothers will share the meats.

Two forged thru the clear fog and made each other stronger…
Warned, we moved into SsH, DQ’s, IW then mosey for the thing

We moseyed on down turned right….wow way to dark there so we u turned and went to the Veterans memorial.
12 burpees oyo , 25 LBC’S oyo, 13 Merkins IC, 25 squats oyo
12 burpees oyo, 25 LBC’S oyo, 25 merging oyo, 25 squats oyo
Rinse respect x 2

Mosey to the market place 50 dips, 50 Freddy mercury, 50 dips 50 lbc’s, 50 dips, 50 lbc’s

Sometimes it’s hard to give something away for free, folks are jaded, manipulated and conditioned to not accept reality. Never tire keep pushing EH someone everyday, find your one, find your next one, bring an FNG.


Pax, please remember Dustin Wright’s family, one of the Green Berets killed last week. He grew up in Tofu’s youth group.

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