Cold, Clear, and Coupons

YHC decided to post on a Monday, and then doubled down on his rsvp by taking the Q.  If you’re struggling to get yourself to the 0530 workout, putting your name on an electronic spreadsheet tends to motivate.  It was the first Savannah Blizzard day.  Gusts of wind, 38degrees, and not a cloud in the sky.  The northerners may laugh, but most of us don’t own pants or gloves.  The Thang:

38 SSH IC for each degree above zero
20 imperial walkers IC
20 4-ct squats
10 slow count 4 count merkins IC
30 flutter kicks IC
30 lbcs IC

Good chatter this morning – moving jaws help keep the body warm.  Chatter ended when we pick up our blocks.  Q decreed that no block shall touch the ground without a 10 burpee penalty.  Also, 10 burpee penalty for medieval word choice in a back blast.

With block on shoulder, mosey 100 yards to the peewee football field north endzone
20 curls, 20 squats, 20 presses OYO x 2

Mosey to south endzone
20 kettlebell swings, 20 squat press OYO x 2
Hold squat to rest and warm the fingers of the glove-less southerners

20 Lunges to midfield
30 flutter kicks, hold at 6
10 reverse crunches
30 block presses OYO x 2
20 American Hammers with block
Stand up with the block (a turkish something or rather)

20 Lunges to North Endzone
Mosey to the Pool House
45 second wall sit with block
30 second wall sit with block

Line up with block over head (this was the worst line YHC has ever seen)
Indian run with block over head x 2 rotations
Place Block back in the cage

F3 Savannah is hosting a F3 hospitality tent at the finish line of the Rock and Roll Marathon at Forsyth Park on November 4th.  Come out and enjoy the fellowship.

Pledge, count o rama, name o rama, prayer

Great chatter today, lots of laughs, hope everyone still has full feeling in their fingers.
Thanks for posting with us Dreamliner.  Welcome to Savannah.  Impressed by Dreamliner’s wife’s willingness to drive him to AO.  Although she did leave him in a public park, by himself, so maybe she had a plan.
YHC misinterpreted Dreamliner’s request for a ride back downtown, as an invite to breakfast.  Glad Rainbow Row was able to help out.


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