3 Ruck Golfing Community

Three pax showed, two were HC and set with a goal to finish by 6. Unfortunately during the commute there one of the Pax that HC’d lost his socks, yet he always has a spare pair for the mornings work out in the car. Our third pax, left an option as he had previously fart sacked Monday because of some time clock alarm setting confusion with Saturday’s wake to shake time.

With one professional, dressed in a business suit of sorts, with fancy nike boots, and nearly 100lb ruck, the rest of us were in designer clothing, aka shirts that we act like we don’t care if they get dirty, torn or have a lingering odor – even after washing, okay let’s all be honest that lingering stench is a deterrent to something…

Three did 3 miles in 48 minutes, with combined weight over 100.

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