Well Manicured Turf

Pax was 3 strong and everyone showed at least 10 minutes early.  We waited out the 10, and got started.


25 Side Stradle Hops IC
20 Imperial Walkers IC
20 Morrocan Night Clubs
20 Through the Tunnels IC

Moseyed to Turf Field and here’s what it looked like from there:

25 Merkins
25 Jump Squats
25 Dips
50 LBC’s
Jog 1×400
Rest 1 Minute
25 Derkins
25 Air Squats with Sandbag
25 Tricep Extensions with Sandbag
50 Flutter Kicks
Jog 1×400
Rest 1 Minute
25 Clerkins
25 Lunges with Sandbag
25 Dips
50 American Hammers
Jog 1×400
Rest 1 Minute
Finished with 15 yards of Burpee to Broad Jump

Moseyed back to Flag



Pledge and Prayer.  Sal prayed us out.


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