The 12 days of Chibata

5 Pax posted on the last morning workout  before Christmas. It was quickly decided to be a no burpee Friday.


Tunnels, Do Quixotes, Morocon night clubs, and Chinooks to get the blood moving.

The Thang

12 stations with each pax deciding what the stations would be. Everyone involved in the pain, no one to blame. Pax picked a station doing as many reps as possible in 35 seconds , recover for 20 seconds. Move to next station  and so on until all 12 days were finished. Rest for 1 minute. Completed 3 rounds.

SSH, Cindy curls, merkins, squats, Cindy triceps, Cindy rows, lbc’s, flutter kicks, line jump, merkins again, Cindy overhead press,


Name, number, Pledge, and prayer

4 pax went for coffeteria at Dunkin Donuts. Good time getting to know each other better.

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