12/25 on Chrtmas Eve’s Eve

7 PAX showed up 2 days before Christmas and circled around the F3 shovelflag.

Disclaimer administered and it was announced that today’s workout was in honor of “12 and 25”. It also happened to be the week that this Q celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary.


10 Burpees was called and there were some complaints about not warming up first. 10 more Burpees were called, and then some caught on that we were doing 25 but that the Q just didn’t want to call “25”. And yes 5 more Burpees called. Let’s have fun with the shoulders…25 MRC (I/C), 25 Chinooks (I/C), 25 Air Presses (I/C), 25 Air Pulls (I/C) which several pointed out were the same thing as the presses. Shoulders burning at this point. 25 4-Count Squats, 25 Imperial Walkers, 25 LBCs, 25 TTT. Light Mosey to picnic tables, tracing to stay under 0.09 miles on Red Ryder’s behalf.


All of the following in a ladder form of 12s:

Step Ups/Dips, Squats/SSH, (Mosey to swing set), Scrunches/Merkins- Scrunches are plank position, feet in swing, pulling knees to chest. Pull Ups (Knee Ups)/Squat Jumps, WWii Sit Ups/Dive Bombers. Last round was Lunges/returning Bear Crawl. Mosey to flag


On 6s YHC shared a brief devotional on Paul’s exhortation to run the race in order to spread the Gospel unencumbered. Countarama, Namerama, Pledge to a flag somewhere in the mist, Announcements and Prayer.

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