A quarterpounder for your breakfast

Winter came back to Savannah.  After Friday’s pleasant shuffle of 65 degrees, 9 min mile pace, improper hip thruster instruction, and slippery crab cakes, the wind chill was back into the 30s.  Luckily for the 4 pax that posted this morning, the ground was sloppy wet as well.  YHC just returned from a deep dive in the F3 Nation website list of exercises and routines, a few new exercises combos were unveiled in Savannah.  If pax reading this have not visited late, check out the exercise and routine database at F3nation.com.  It’s worth the read for some new inspiration.

the Thang:
Warm Up
20 through the tunnels IC
12 Chinooks IC, reverse and 12 more
15 4-ct squats IC
30 mountain climbers IC
15 tempo merkins IC

Mosey over to the field near the playground, get 4 blocks out of the cage
Quarter Pounder routine:  Blocks were placed across the field, dividing it into 1/4ths.
Sprint to the first block
25 burpees
backwards run to the starting line
Spring to the second block
50 merkins
backwards run to the starting line
Spring to the third block
75 LBCs
backwards run to the starting line
Second set:
25 dive bombers
50 squats
75 flutter kicks

Mosey to the baseball stadium, mix of sideways shuffle, both sides. Mosey back to the field.

Bearwalkuda Triangle:
Set blocks in a perfect isosceles triangle 10-15 yards apart.  Bear crawl between, completing 10 repititions at each corner.
1. 10 burpees
2. 10 jump squats
3. 10 big boy sit ups
4. 10 backwards lunges, each leg
5. 10 jump squats
6. 20 merkins – your best form

Partner work with blocks
Round 1
1 partner did regular lunges
1 partner did 2 loops of farmers’ carry of concrete blocks around cone 15 yards away
Round 2
1 parter did big boy sit ups
1 partner AT AT crawled the blocks to the cone 15 yards away

6 minutes of Mary, around the circle.
Pretzel Crunches
Freddy Mercurys
Boat Canoes

BOM, Pledge, Prayer, Count o rama, Name o rama

Moleskin:  Thanks to Emeril from South Wake Region for joining us on his weekend vacation.  He ran from his hotel on river street, though areas of undeterminable safety.  Solid 3.5 mile warm up for a 2.5 mile jog.

Prayers were sent to Crablegs and his family from South Wake upon his recent diagnosis of ALS.  All F3 Pax are encouraged to purchase a mudgear Crablegs shirt.  5$ from every purchase goes to support him in his battle with ALS.

F3 South Wake - Crablegs Shirt Pre-Order

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