A made up stretchy thing Q

Every other Wednesday, Hull Park is designated for a stretch and core day. Since the absence of our resident professional, these have gotten weird. However, YHC did his best Bunker imitation and led the pax through 45 minutes of stretchy goodness.

30 ssh

20 through the tunnel

20 imperial walkers

Calf stretch and raises each side

10 slow count merkins ic

25 pretzel crunches each side

30 flutter kicks

Tin mans across the field

Lunges across the field

10 inch worms – 25 merkins – 10 inch worms

Super Mario jumps across the field

Duck walk 25 feet

Bunny hop across the field

Lunge with a torso twist across field

Mosey to playground. Split I to 2 groups

10 pull ups whole other group does big boy sit ups


Stretch on the picnic tables

Hamstring, quad, pectoral, cross leg lean forward thing

Circle at flag for some yoga

Clumsy warrior pose

Hands up, twist hips pose

6 minutes of mary

Boat canoe

Freddy Mercurys

Square leg movements

25 lbcs

BOM Pledge Prayer

Announcements: reiterated the focus to grow F3. Invite friends, strangers, and all those in between.

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