VQ on Wednesday, needed to get set up to post this….and did not realize I should have taken better notes of who was there and what we did on Wednesday!

Disclaimer provided

Chinook *20 IC

SSH * 20 IC

Imperial Walkers * 15 IC, not really sure of reps my counting needs improvement!

Thru the tunnel * 15 IC


Mosey to the empty parking lot. Partner up and first person starts to sprint to first tree, do 1 burpee, sprint back then sprint to second tree and do 3 burpees and sprint back. The second partner started the workout, while the other ran.  Upon getting back to the start location, the partners switch, counting cumulative until completing 75 merkins, 100 LBCs and 200 squats.  Then we repeated but this time doing 10 big boy sit ups at the first tree and second tree.

Mosey around the parking lot, then did the alphabet and 20 hammers.


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