The Challenge

Pax: Two Pack, On time, Sal, Doughboy, Romeo, Blue Hen, UGA VI, Chompers (2.0) and Stingray (2.0)

YHC had a foot issue a few days ago and it was recommended by professional not to run too much so the plan for today was to perform an even mix of upper body and lower body workouts, however, Sal before the thang went down decided to say he was going to lift his upper body after this workout so YHC accepted the challenge and decided to change it up a little bit.

Warm up:

Chinook’s x20 IC, reverse, repeat

Moroccan Night Club x20 IC

Flat jacks x 20 IC

Low plank x30s- warning given

R plank x30s

L plank x30s

Front leaning rest x30s

Merkins hand release x20 IC

Lotche’s x20 IC

Everyone was sufficiently warmed up at this point and ready to go.

We grabbed our 4, 40# sand bags and headed over to the playground to begin the thang.

The Thang:

Everyone partnered up and performed a buddy care down the end of the field, the partner who was carried performed x10 squats and x10 pushups, while the carrier ran back to the bags grabbed one and front carried it half way then lifted it up and over and carried it on their back.

Then we all switched and the carrier became the carried.

Next we remained in pairs and wheelbarrowed down and switched then came back.

After a quick breather this was repeated again, carries and then wheelbarrows.

Next we lined up to run shuttles 2 times down and back, first time was 1 min to complete.

30s rest and challenge was placed to go faster. Pax accepted and laid down a 53s run.

30s rest and challenge to run one more under that time. Time hack was missed with a 56s run.

1 min rest and we ran again, this time all pax complete at 51s and change.

Then we did flutter kicks x20 IC while half did x20 bent over rows with 40# sandbags, then switched.

Second round we did Captain Thors 5/20, with half doing x20 bent over rows then switched.

After completion we grabbed the bags and headed back to the flag.

Once there, circled up for:

Walkouts x20 IC

Airplanes x20 IC

Supermans x20 IC

3 way Merkins x5 IC

Merkins x10 IC

Finally, cobras x20 OYO

Countarama, Namearama, pledge and prayer to put this gathering in the books.

Gentlemen, thank you for your effort and push this morning, it was great!

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