Pooler Winter Olympics

With the 24th Winter Olympics coming to a close, I thought why not bring the winter games to Pooler.  The theme would be centered around the Biathlon, competing in a cardio fashion but having to maintain precision and accuracy.  I was hoping for a fun time to be had by all.


The start was slow and on your own, as each PAX were told to warm up while the Q asked trivia questions.  Questions stemmed from F3 core values to naming the major classes of the Winter Olympics.  For each wrong answer a “penalty lap” was awarded.  Several laps were awarded and we all learned something new.

The Thang

We utilized the 1/4 mile path through the parking lot to maneuver between each of the Olympic events.  The instructions were simple, complete each event or add a penalty loop for each event not completed.  The penalty loop was tacked onto the end of the 1/4 mile loop.  1st Event was the Ski Jump.  For 30 yds, each had to do standing broad jumps, and stick the landing each time.  After a short sprint to the next event, each participated in the Luge (or Lunge) event lunging for 40 yds.  It was noted that we didn’t have specific stations for Freestyling or Figure Skating so feel free to incorporate that into the sprints in between events, and WOW some of our PAX are pitifully adept for gracefully moving. Next came Speed Skating.  4 blocks were provided so 4 members picked one up and side stepped with a squat, side step/squat for 25 yds.  The waiting PAX got into the Skeleton event until a block was available, (Chill-Cut plank).  Short sprint to our Curling event, where 4 blocks were waiting.  This one should be self-explanatory, 15 reps.  The next sprint was the start of our Bobsled event, and at the end when you were in your bobsled, 15 BBSU were required.  After a longer “Cross-Country” run, there were some cans setup and 20 yds away were 2 BB guns.  Two shots to hit 2 cans, and any misses required a penalty lap for each miss.  No marksmen among the PAX either.  Short sprint to our Alpine skiing event, where feet together we Bunny hopped angling right and left for 25 yds.  Short spring to the starting line and where each PAX had to pay up with their earned penalty loops.  The PAX completed 2 circuits of the events and several penalty loop, approximately 2.25 miles.


Time called, announcements, pledge and prayer.

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