4 posted in the  rain for some core pain. Dora with a core focus = Cora. (See what I did there?) 55 degrees rain


Mixture of MNC, Chinooks, and High knees were called for enroute to the pavilion. Disclaimer given.

The Thang

Partner up. While partner 1 does 25 Merkins, Partner 2 does Imperial walkers . Swap and repeat until 100 Merks reached. Then move to 50 LBC’s while partner holds plank. Swap and repeat until 200 LBC’s complete. Next were Lunge jumps. 75 Lunge jumps while partner did line jumps. Swap and repeat till 300 were reached. Mumble chatter by all. This was awful. Run a lap around the AO.

Q called to repeat above with 150 merks and 300 LBC’s.


Mosey back to start. No flag was present since ours is not a all weather flag. Need to think about a getting another one. Pledge , Pray, and on our way.

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