Inverted Indian Run

Conditions: 56 deg, ~85% humidity
QIC: Betty Crocker


SSH * 30 IC (last 10 double speed)
Don Quixote * 12 IC
Through The Tunnels * 15 IC
Chinooks * 7 each way IC
5 Burpees

The Thang

Mosey to the back parking lot.

Inverted Indian Run
A normal Indian Run has a lone wolf at the end of the line sprint to the front of the pack. To invert that, the wolf that comes out of line will be slower than the full pack while doing an exercise. The lead wolf of the pack gets to determine the route, and therefore duration, while the lone wolf performs his exercise. As the pack catches back up, the lead wolf jumps out of line to perform the exercise while the original lone wolf rejoins the pack at the back of the line.

Try to stay together as a pack. Follow the leader. Perform each exercise below for all PAX before changing to the next exercise.

Exercise 1: Bear Crawl
Exercise 2: Tire Flip
Exercise 3: Lunges

The pack finished the cycles in about 22 minutes, with time remaining in the workout. We gathered at the far end of the parking lot for the following exercises as we made our way back to the flag.

  • Broad Jump Burpees to the next island (plenty of groaning when this was announced … the Q took this as a compliment)
  • Mosey to the next island
    Power Skips to the next island
  • Mosey to the light pole at the entrance of the back parking lot
  • Sprint to the flag (Putt Putt won the sprint, with a solid challenge by DQ)

Strava indicated we had only had run 2.9 miles.

YHC stopped the tracking, but the PAX elected to another lap around the parking lap to get a full 3.0 miles.

Since Putt Putt ‘won’ the sprint, he led us through a quick round of Mary. 20 flutter kicks IC, hold legs off ground for ~30 seconds, 15 Hello Dolly IC, hold legs, 5 slow count leg raises IC


Count-a-rama (10), Name-a-rama, Announcements, Pledge, Prayer

Pooler AO 2-year anniversary next Wednesday 4/18. Will be a game workout … Putt Putt taking the Q for it.

Need a 4th for the Ultimate Mud Run, May 19th, Columbia, SC.

We have a full slate of Q’s for next week ahead of schedule … Woo Hoo has Monday, Putt Putt has Wednesday, Glowstick has Friday

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