Remember workouts in/after the rain?  The tunnel of love?  Belly crawls through mud puddles?  Rolling in wet sand for sugar cookies?… We didn’t do any of those things this morning.  We had 3 for Blimp Suicides.  Credit goes to Doughboy for this workout idea but he wasn’t there…so I claimed it.



SSH x 25 IC

TTT x 25 IC

DQ x 25 IC

4 count Squats x 25 IC



Starting at the pull-up bars we ran to the first tree a did 5 burpees then returned to starting line

Then back again to first tree for 5 burpees and second tree for 10 lunges ea leg…and so on…increasing 5 reps each exercise

Once completed we did a pull up / push up ladder.  6 pull ups / 1 push up, 5 pull ups / 2 push ups…

One set of rows then back to the flag for Mary

YHC asked how many flutter kicks the PAX wanted to do (just courtesy, not caring) and the number 100 was mentioned…

50 Flutter Kicks

20 LBCs

25 Flutter Kicks

20 LBCs

25 Flutter Kicks



Pledge, Prayer


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