Conditions: ~60 deg F, 80% humidity


Silent SSH IC * 21 (first 5 counted, last 16 silent … the group did not end together)
Disclaimer Given
Chinooks * 5 each way
Arm Circles * 5 each way
TTT^3 * 12
Don Quixote * 12

The Thang

Mosey to the far corner of the back parking lot

Plank-o-rama: ~ 8 minutes of plank exercises in a circle. High plank, side plank with arm raised each way, punch planks * 10 each way IC,

Mosey 3 corners of the parking lot.

Leg-o-rama: ~8 minutes of the following: slow-count squats IC, 20 abyss squats, 15 jump lunges per side, 20 monkey humpers, 2 minutes of piston ring (all in Al Gore, single PAX jump squats rotating around the ring)

Mosey 3 corners of the parking lot.

Ab-o-rama (aka Mary): ~8 minutes of the following: Imperial Walkers * 20 IC, Hillbilly’s * 20 IC, American Hammer * 21 IC, Bay City Scissor Kicks * 20 OYO, Boat Canoe

Mosey to the coupon storage

Block-o-rama: Intended to be 8 minutes, but ran short on time. Only had time for a 2 block passes in each direction (all PAX hold a Cindy except for 1 PAX, pass the blocks around the circle as the empy location moves) and 10 blockees

Sprint to the Flag


2 more rama’s – Count-o-rama and Name-o-rama

Prayer requests: Glowstick’s neighbors unexpectedly lost their 19 year old daughter to seizures in her sleep. Deuce’s friend from flag football has a 10 year old daughter with Leukemia.

Pledge, Prayer

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