Cutting Through Humidity

Flags Planted


  • 20 x 4CT IC of SSH / TTT / DQ / IW / AST
  • 2 rounds of Circle Burp
  • 4 x 4s – 4 Merkins single count IC, 4 Mtn. Climbers IC, stand up and Rinse/Repeat 5 times.
  • Mosey’d 1/2 of .25 of a mile


B.O.M.B.S. (P1 performed exercise; P2 ran 50 yardsish and back) Swapped

  • Burpees 50
  • OH Claps 100 (after group completed this, we mosey’d to 1/4 of a .25 mile to next corner)
  • Merkins 150 (after group completed this, we mosey’d to 1/4 of a .25 mile to area of COP)
  • Big Boys 200
  • Squats 250 (during this exercise, no one ran and all pax completed their portion of the 250)



  • We all learned how to Circle Burp
  • We all talked about how this workout sucked
  • We all talked about our arms feeling numb
  • We all talked about how many say they will come but don’t show
  • In 2 years, TwoPack had never seen a weinke….Shame on us.
  • Kisses is going to show us one day his weinke but he feels like it would shame him. We all gave him some encouragement that we have all felt like him but have now since overcome that. #showusyourweinke is now a new hashtag.


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