Game day 2- Beach ball Burpees, Lincoln log / Legos csaup

9 posted for day 2 of game week. It was full of CSAUP mixed in with some fun. Hot and humid


Disclaimer given, MNC, Chinooks, Sprinklers, TTT, and Don Quixotes IC X some random number. Mosey to coupons.

The Thang

Split into 2 groups.

Group 1 had 2 pax carry the telephone pole (Lincoln log)around the parking lot zig zagging around signs and light poles. The remaining pax in group 1 followed along farmer carrying cindys (Legos). Yes it was CSAUP.

Group 2 rolled the dice to determine a number 1 through 6. The number corresponded to a Mary. LBC’s, Dolly’s, Freddy Mercs, Rosalita’s, Flutter kicks, and Box cutters. Then rolled again to determine the reps. So a roll of 2 then 4 would be 40 Dolly’s. Pax did this in a circle while passing a beach ball in the air concert style. If the ball hit the ground, there was a 5 Burpee penalty.  Keeping up with reps while watching the ball was impossible but fun. It’s harder than it sounds. YHC group did +30 Burpees total. Rinse and repeat x 3. Then got both groups together for one round of beach ball burpee. Return Coupons and mosey back to the flag.


Planning underway for the Palmetto 200 Columbia to Charleston race. Hoping to put a team from F3CoastalEmpire. Pledge , Pray, and on our way.

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