Stealth Bombers

Theme week #2:  Aviation

Given the large presence of Gulfstream employees in Pooler, and YHCs own passion for all things that fly, this seemed like an appropriate theme for the second one of 2018.  Big shoes to fill after Flat Tire’s awesome theme last week.

Conditions: ~79 deg F, Humidity level Muggy (though somebody commented that it actually felt good out this gloom).


MNC * 15 IC

T^3 * 15 IC

DQ * 15 IC

Michael Phelps for ~30 seconds while disclaimer was given

The Thang

Mosey to the coupon area to gather 1 cinder block per PAX.  Set up at the top of the parking lane.

Aviation Day 1 will consist of a tribute to bomber aircraft.  Our shirt and AO logo has the B17 Flying Fortress as recognition of the Mighty 8th Air Force.  The B24 Liberator was also heavily utilized by the Mighty 8th.  Today’s workout is based on the B2 Stealth Bomber (visual below).

Establish the routine – written in chalk ahead of the workout – before we start working out.  This will be a stack workout that builds on itself each round.  For STEALTH, do each exercise listed only once in between each round of the BOMBERS workouts.  For the BOMBERS, start with B the first round, then BO, then BOM … all the way to spell BOMBERS.  The cinder blocks would be the bombs, and are required for each of the BOMBERS workouts.  Confused? Just follow someone else.


Most of the PAX were able to complete this in time and all were on the final round.

YHC also established a Flyover Penalty for any aircraft that flies overhead during the workout.  This has been a regular feature of YHC’s workouts for a couple months now.  I think it’s becoming permanent.  Since Burpees were already included in the workout, the penalty this time was to do a “Bomb Run” by sprinting back to the flag, and then jogging back to the workout.  We did this 2 times officially, and then at the end after returning the coupons, there was a “stealth” aircraft that couldn’t be seen but resulted in us sprinting back to the flag to finish the workout.


CAR, NAR, Announcements, Pledge, Prayer

YHC has been listening to the 43 Feet podcast from Dredd and DarkHelmet of F3 Nation.  Highly recommended to better understand how this F3 cult thing can actually change lives.

Still need a theme week Q for next week.  Doughboy already has the week after.


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