IronPax Challenge Week 1

7 Pax gathered to accept F3Greenwood’s IronPax Week 1 Challenge. A few hotshots (aka batflippers) were texted to remind them the prior night. Honestly, this is a batflippers day to shine.

A disclaimer was given. Instructions were provided and workout was displayed on a portable tablet (aka small whiteboard). A warm up was completed. Then without any notice the Spotify Playlist was started, the stopwatch “Start” was pressed and “Ready? Go!” was declared. Seconds were wasted when complaints began about how no warning was given to get ready for the workout but all pressed on. Those complaints mostly came from the batflippers.

The Thang

4 Rounds for Elapsed Time

  1. 50 AirSquats
  2. 40 BigBoiSitups
  3. 30 Merkins
  4. 20 BonnieBlairs
  5. 10 Burpees
  6. Run 400 meters

With Playlist playing, episodic encouragement was given throughout the next 35 minutes by the encouragers in the group. Mostly the batflippers kept to themselves and left alone so they could concentrate on the win.

  • Rainbow Row 27:30
  • Twopack 28:11
  • Blue Hen 30:38
  • Guppy 32:38
  • Kisses 34:?
  • Tool Time 34:32
  • Twinkle 35:10


BOM where we prayed for:

  • Rainbow Row’s house selling, moving, transition of family
  • Guppy’s daughter and wife
  • Blue Hen’s safe return
  • Kisses reminder about school starting and the new year
  • Tool Time’s M who is pregnant with twin boys
  • Consensus to keep our M’s and children in our prayers and give thanks for their strength to manage our homes and families.

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