Redemption- IronPAX Challenge Take 2

After accepting the IronPax Challenge, we decided Wednesday’s would be our best day.  After an epic fail on Wednesday, when only 1 was able to complete the challenge, it was decided that we would attempt it again today.  Many #twitter responses about the workout were, “you couldn’t pay me to do that workout again.”  We were dedicated to finish even though we knew we wouldn’t be posting any top 20 scores.

YHC tagged below everyone who attempted/completed the challenge whether present or OYO, and hopefully I left no one off.

THANG: Workout done in 4 laps

50 Squats (200), 40 BigBoy Situps (160), 30 Merkins (120), 20 Bonnie Blairs (80), 10 Burpees (40), run 400m (1 Mile).

COP: Counterama, Namerama, Announcements, Pledge, Prayer

The consensus among the group this morning was that we would never do this workout again, most likely.


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