4s, 14s, and 400s

Four pax showed up this morning to face the challenge of the 60 minute workout.  A theme was picked, as one does when one does not have a good idea for a workout.  4’s were put on the board.  All counts began or ended with a 4.  Then the fun began:

Warm Up:
40 SSH ic
14 through the tunnel
14 imperial walkers
14 4 count squats

Run around the traffic circle

4 corners, about 20 yards apart
10 Burpees
20 jump squats
30 merkins
40 lbcs
Completed, then reversed

Run around the traffic circle

4 block stations 3 rotations
1.  Rail road tie flip – 10 times.  Once complete, pax would yell next, and each person would change stations
2.  Block Curls
3.  Block presses
4.  Block kettle bell swings

Run around the traffic Cirlce

The 400
Dora style workout – partner up,  partner one completes exercise, partner two rotates between 20 yard bear crawls and 40 yard run
100 Merkins
100 Plank Jacks
100 squats
100 flutter kicks

With the impending coffee and doughnuts at an information tent, YHC moved the group quickly to set up, unintentionally skipping all the things that make F3 better than a usual workout.  This was pointed out in slack.  Digital accountability.

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