Legs & Abs & Legs & Abs & …

Conditions:  72 deg, 94% humidity … almost felt cool

The rule of thumb is that if a planned workout looks good on paper, it will generally be harder than it looks.  YHC wanted a focus on legs after Monday’s upper body beatdown, but also didn’t want to burn the PAX completely out in the first 5 minutes.  Ab exercises were included to give the legs a breather, and in hindsight, this workout ended up being easier than YHC had intended on paper.  All were still sweating and breathing hard, but the legs weren’t screaming like planned.  There may be some soreness tomorrow, but for future repeats of this workout, just focus on the legs.  Lesson Learned.


SSH * 35 IC

Chinooks * 10 IC each way

Don Quixote * 12 IC

T^3 * 15 IC

Dive Bombers * 4

The Thang

Set up stations in adjacent parking spots.  9 PAX equaled 8 stations + 1 timer transition

  • Station 1: Abyss Squats with Cinder Block … go slow on the way down, below parallel, and hold for 3-4 seconds at the bottom
  • Station 2: Freddie Mercuries
  • Station 3: Lunge Twists – lunges with an upper body twist at the low position
  • Station 4: Box Cutters
  • Station 5: Donkey Kicks
  • Station 6: World War II’s
  • Station 7: Calf Raises while holding a cinder block
  • Station 8: Flutter Kicks
  • Move from Station 8 to Station 1 with a Duck Walk … this would be the timer

After the first cycle, change the Duck Walks to Lunges.

After the second cycle, change the box cutters to Pulse Squats.

After the third cycle, change the WWII’s to Squat Jacks.

4 cycles completed

Return the coupons, jog back to the flag, plank until the 6 is present


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