Arms and Legs

On this fine, cool Fall morning 8 reported for some alternating arm and leg work.

Started with a warmup to get our blood flowing and then moseyed over to get cinder blocks to assist us in our exercises.

Cycled through a couple of arm exercises, a couple of leg exercises and a short break.  Goal was to workout intensely for several minutes followed by a short rest, used cadence where possible to help with that.

Performed the following exercises with varying reps:

  • Merkens
  • Elevated Merkens
  • Dips
  • Overhead tricep extension
  • Curls
  • Military Press
  • Squats (with/without weight, with jump, etc.)
  • Lunges
  • Bonny Blairs
  • Calf Raises

We then put away the cinder blocks.  To show that they had given all they had, Pax were encouraged by the example of the Q to vomit at this point in the exercise.

To finish out our time we transitioned to some ab exercises and then some backwards runs and lunge walks before circling back up at the flag and doing some more ab exercises.

Closed with CAR, NAR, CoT, Prayer, and Pledge

Things we learned from today’s workout:

  • Don’t drink a glass of grape juice prior to working out
  • Don’t leave your headlights on during the workout

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