Happy Bear crawls

57 degrees & foggy. 6 pax posted on a holiday week Monday.


Plank while disclaimer. MNC, TTT, Don Quixote, Sprinklers, Chinooks, All IC with random reps.

The Thang

SSH to the tune of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams played on YHC speaker. When the chorus “because I’m happy” played, a burpee was performed. Squats were mixed in in place of SSH until the hsong was finished. Slightly over 20 burpees done.

Move over to wide spot in lot and divided into 3 groups for the bearmuda triangle. Each point in the triangle had two exercises then bear crawl to the next station, keep going until two rounds complete. Mix in lunges between for two rounds and finish with a round of bear crawls for total of 5 rounds. Stations were LBC’s/Hammers , Merkins/Mountain Climbers, Squats/Lunge jumps. Each x 10.

Circle up in the grass for Jack Webb increasing to 5/50

Back to flag for a round of Marys. Flutters, Hammers with Freddy Mercs, Boat canoe, Batman crunches, Dollies, and burpees to finish.


Pledge, pray for travelers in the holiday week, and on our way


Great push by all who posted. Almost lost a few along the bearmuda triangle and the Jack Webbs were awful. Not to mention the Happy song made some not so happy. Great to see some familiar faces that have been out for a while with work/ school. Annual Savannah region convergence will be at Forsyth’s park Saturday 0730 for a game of ultimate frisbee.

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