The 12 days of Christmas

A brisk 35 degrees today but it was clear and dry

Only 6 came out today and a few are still wearing shorts!


SSH x 20

Moroccan nightclubs x 20

Imperial walkers x 20

Through the tunnel x 15

Dive bombers and gave the disclaimer

The Thang

Since there was not enough time to do the typical 12 days of Christmas starting at 1 we decided to start at 12 and worked our way back down.  We did not want to miss out on any exercise.

12 Air presses

11 Moroccan night clubs

10 Lunges

9 Flutter kicks

8 Mountain climbers

7 Imperial squat walkers

6 Big Boy Burpees

5 Backward lunges

4 Merkins

3 Jump squats

2 of the 8 count body builder or 8 count burpees with a plank jack

1 Lap running around the parking lot.

Then repeat working down from 11, and repeat working down from 10 …9…8…7 and then finished the morning with one last lap around the parking lot.


Count, names, pledge, pray and ready for the day.


Reminder to volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank on this Saturday.  We start at 8:00 am but show up at 7:45 am wearing your F3 shirt.  We will fill brown bags with food for the elderly. Still trying to pick a date for Ultimate Frisbee game.

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