A case of the Q-Less Mondays

We were Q-less going into today.  After a suggestion that the last arrival should take the Q (would’ve been Putt Putt), a couple of the PAX suggested they would lead certain elements of the workout.


DQ started us out with:

  • SSH * 10 IC
  • MNC * 10 IC
  • Chinooks * 10 IC each way
  • TTT * 15 IC
  • Don Quixote’s * 10

The 1st Thang

Backstreet called for a round of dealers choice Cindy-o-Rama 

  • Doughboy called Wonder Bras * 15
  • DQ called Tricep Extensions * 10 IC
  • Radar called squats * 12-ish IC
  • Gilligan called 20 Kettle Bell Swings
  • Flat Tire called Curls * 10 IC
  • Deuce called a Super 7 ladder of Lawnmower Starters
  • Glowstick called Overhead Presses * 10
  • Clog Sliding Cindy Merkins * 10
  • YHC called Blocktonamo 
  • Putt Putt called 10 Blockees
  • Brady Bunch called 25 block jumps
  • Backstreet called 10 American Hammers with the block

The 2nd Thang

Putt Putt called for a quick round of Ultimate Frisbee.  He’s always prepared for a pickup game with discs of varying weight in his trunk. Clog had to bail at this point for a work meeting, so it was 5 vs 6.

Light shirts scored more points, something like 5-4.  Someone threw the disc into one of the trees. Someone tricked one team into passing to the other team for the winning point.


Count, Pledge, Pray

Pooler Ultimate Frisbee game with the 2.0’s this weekend at 0700.

Talks of a convergence workout on New Years Day with Savannah and RIchmond Hill.

Great job raising money to support a Ham drive in Richmond Hill led by Gilligan’s M.  F3 Pooler raised enough to support 20 families.

Great time Saturday at America’s Second Harvest Food Bank with Woo Hoo, Flat Tire, Whammo, DQ, Hamm, and Doughboy (and 2.0’s Dugout, Whammo, Vader, Curry, Spike, and nameless Mikey and Addie).  This was great fun and should turn into a regular event for us.

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