12 days of Christmas cheer 🎄

11 posted for a Christmas song and festive workout. 59 degrees and windy. Too bad Winnie wasn’t there because it was quite a blustery day.

Pax posting- Doughboy, Betty Crocker, Clog, Woohoo, Brady Bunch, Backstreet, DQ, Radar, FNG Quak, FNG Swabbie, QIC Flat Tire.


SSH x 25, MNC x15, TTT x 15, Chinook X 10 each way.

The Thang

Started with Merkin and a high V, run two parking lot peninsulas return and add each day of Christmas in pyramid until all 12 days completed. Just like the song.

1. Merkin and a high V – Partridge in a pear tree

2. Two Dirty doves ( Think Atlanta Falcons)- Two turtle doves

3. Three French Dollies – Three French Hens

4. Calf Raises – Four Turtle doves ( ok you think of a exicon for turtle doves)

5. Golden Burpees – Gold Rings

6. Monkey Humpers – Geese a laying

7. Michael Phelps – Swans a swimming

8. Maids a squatting – Maids a milking

9. Mary Catherines (SNL spoof) – Lady’s dancing

10. Leaping Squats- Lords a leaping

11. Pipers clapping overhead – Pipers piping

12. Hillbillies drumming – Drummers drumming

Those who finished ran a lap around the lot while the rest finished. Overachievers.

Totals=12 merkins, 22 arm raises, 30 dollies, 36 calf raises, 40 Burpees, 42 Monkey humpers, 42 Michael Phelps, 40 Squats, 36 Mary Katherines, 30 jump squats, 22 Oherhead claps, 12 Hillbillies.


Welcome FNG Quack thanks to Clog , and FNG swabbie thanks to Betty Crocker. Always good to add pax to our AO since the mission of F3 is to Plant, grow and build community leaders. Convergence tomorrow 12/22 at Pooler AO for ultimate frisbee, 2.0’s encouraged. Planning a New Year’s Day convergence with all region pax. Possibly Tybee, Savannah downtown, or one of the squares. Pledge , pray, and on our way.


Betty Crocker said hillbillies were like nutcrackers . The shovel flag remains MIA, glowstick seems to like it riding in his trunk.  The physical challenge is always good, but the pax of F3 are why I keep coming  back.

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