An average Monday

10 PAX posted in the 47° chill (for South GA that’s chill).

  1. Warmed up with various exercises. One of which is a silent 21 count SSH with Burpees if we don’t finish together. We improved from my last Q but 1 didn’t stop on the count. I gotta say that the jet taking off was a true distraction because we started thinking “fly-over” rule and having to do burpees. Well…we did 5 burpees OYO ANYWAYS…LOL. Next time, if all end together, the Q will do the burpees. Finished with a one lap Indian Run.
  2. Next was Tammy Wynette alternating between Merkins and Squats. We did 100 each.
  3. Circled up for alternating Merkins and Air Presses performed in a ratio of 1:3 starting at 1,2…5 for a total of 25 Merkins and 75 Air Presses.
  4. Bear Crawled about 30 feet an did a Merkin. Turned around and BC’d back and did 2 Merkins. Repeated till we did 10 Merkins for a total of 55 Merkins and 100 yards of BC.
  5. Ran the rows of the parking lot using each island as an excusue to perform a Wolverine…and really mean Burpee. Totaled 25 reps.
  6. Finished with a Sprint to the end of the parking row, run backwards and a final trip down and back running sideways. Remember…the ones running backwards have the right-of-way.
  7. Count and Name-o-rama.
  8. Named a new FNG. Welcome Salsa.
  9. Pledge and prayer

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