3 Flags, 2 Qs, 1 hour work-out

Pax arrived in the gloom and circled up around not one but three shovel flags thanks to visitors from the Richmond Hill and Pooler AOs. After waiting a few minutes to see if any out of town visitors would arrive we started with a traditional series of exercises in cadence as a warm up. The rest of the work-out as follows:

Moseyed to the picnic tables. Sets of tricep dips in declining reps (30,20,10) with separated by the same number of merkins starting with incline, then regular then decline.

Next Moseyed to the tennis courts with “bear crawl” suicides with merkins and burpees on the turns. Repeated with “crab walk” suicides with LBC instead of merkins

Moseyed to the coupons for curls alternating with lunges across the feild. Attempted to do alternating sets of merkins and reverse crunches on the swings but the Pax was less than interested. Returned across the feild with coupon swing throws alternating with rows to place the now well work and dirty coupons to their home.

Completed with a long session of Mary with most of the classics.

Announcements including plans for Quarterly convergence on February 9. There is also a challenge being organized by Betty Crocker which should have sent in email recently and th only reason YHC is completing this back blast.

Yesterday’s shuffle was also Qed by YHC and would like to petition this to also count as back blast for that workout for the purpose of the 2019 challenge. It was a shuffle. Involved running around the neighborhood with scattered work outs. A couple sprints in the Hull park area were included.

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