Backblast – dredging from 2017

Monday, January 28, 2019 workout, mostly dredged and pieced together from some old 2017 workouts.

Pax: DQ, Clog, Betty Crocker, Radar, Put-Put, Gilligan, Swabbie, Dough Boy, Backstreet (Q)

Run in place 120 steps / disclaimer

Through-the-tunnels & Don Quixote’s

4-count Merkins (12)

4-count Imperial Walkers (15)


Cinder blocks were procured from the pain locker, one for each person.

Pax circled up and did:

(10) Blockies (Burpees with a cinder block)

15 Tricep extensions

Bicep static curls, each person holds a cinder block in a curl position, facing outward.  Each person runs around the outside of the circle, one at a time pushing on each block.  The exercise concludes when the entire Pax has gone around the circle once.

(15) 4-count squats

(15) Overhead presses, OYO


Stacking Relay Race, 3 teams of 3.   This was a straight-up 30 – 40 yard dash with a cider block, each team member adding a block to the end-to-end stack, and returning to tag a team-mate.  The relay repeated after a brief rest, to bring the stacked cinder blocks back.   Put-Put twice ran the anchor leg for his team and brought them from a solid second place to a dominant first place.

(12) 4-count curls

(15) 4-count squats

American Hammers, 15 each side

(15) Decline Merkins


Cinder blocks were returned to the pain locker, with 20 minutes to go.


Workout concluded with a Mike Rowe prison workout, AKA ‘ Folsom 21’, modified to ‘Folsom 10’

A 1 minute timer was repeated with 10 burpees, followed by the remainder of the minute as rest, followed by 9 burpees, etc., for a total of 55 burpees

(15) 4-count Dollies

Boat-Canoe, Dough Boy called cadence

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