European Style Loop the Coop

We had 14 PAX including 2.0s for a chilly morning loop of the chickenless coop.  To mix it up a bit we picked our out favorite coupon to take along with us…European style…which YHC has come to learn is a reference for doing something we normally do, but in a slightly different way.


SSH x 30

Moroccan Night Club x 20

Raise the Roof x 15

Lower the Roof x  15

Don Quixote x 15

TTT x 15

Merkins x 15

LBCs x 15


We moseyed the long way to pick out coupons (your favorite CMU) and performed kettle swings while the mornings events were explained.

Moseyed to picnic tables and did step up/overhead press x 10 ea leg

Moseyed to hand rail for some rows at which time the cracking sound of the steel pipe gave the indication that we should perhaps not continue…we quietly moseyed away…

Moseyed to open field and found large puddle…the perfect kind for tunnel of love…no takers…and fearing retribution, the Q did not press the issue…

Partnered up for fireman carries, wheel barrow, partner drags, etc…

Moseyed to stadium entrance for euro style flutters, reverse crunches, boat to canoe, etc…

Moved to wall for wall squats while being entertained by each PAX performing monkey humpers or their favorite joke.

We did the very rare European style indigenous people run (regular Indian run while Cusacking a cinder block) back to the coupon cage


Count, Names, Pledge, Prayer for Kojack LT position

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