Ruck PT

5 PAX showed for a rare change to our regular Thursday routine. With an upcoming GoRuck event looming, it seemed a good idea to train a little in preparation.


Ruck 2.3 miles mostly at a Shuffle pace. Stopped at each street light for 10 Merkins and later added 10 squat thrusters.  Most packs weighed 30lbs while one weighed at least 60lbs. Also thrown in were 60 second overhead ruck hold, plank, SSH, and flutter kicks.

The path led us down to Armpits house where we delivered the shovelflag on behalf of the PAX, reminding him that we are still here and missing his presence. Hopefully we get the flag back as he delivers it to our next workout.

It is also nice to have OOT guest, but one of our own Urkel from Bluffton.

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