Team Relays II

Conditions:  70 deg F, fairly humid but not much to complain about


Some random number between 10-15 each of SSH, 4 count squats, through the tunnels, 4 ct merkins, arm circles, etc. Disclaimer given and flyover rule in effect.  Note the only flyover occurred during the warm-up phase of the workout.

The Thang

The group divided into (3) teams to compete in an out and back circuit of exercises.

  • Sprint to the first island, do (5) burpees
  • Sprint to the second island, do (10) Bonnie Blairs
  • Sprint to the final parking line, do (15) Merkins
  • Sprint back to the second island, do (20) LBCs
  • Sprint back tot the first island, do (25) SSH
  • Sprint back to the start/finish line

The first team to have all members back to the finish receives a prize of an extra burpee the next round.

Subsequent variations included completing the circuit carrying a block coupon, running backwards between stations, carrying a PAX as a coupon, etc.  Final round was for all of the marbles back to the original basic circuit.

Stash coupons and mosey to the flag.  YHC has a reputation to uphold, so a single round of Mary with boat / canoe.


Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama, name new FNG (Welcome HardOver!)

Single announcement by our illustrious NanTan Doughboy to remind us of the convergence at the Savannah AO on Saturday October 5th.

Naked Moleskin

Much mumble chatter about YHC’s “award” system in which additional burpees were earned by the winning team of each round.  Turns out this system had a demotivating effect – YHC will rethink this for next time.

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