For 2020, the PAX were challenged to complete the below goals.

  • Challenge #1: Q 10 workouts in 2019 with a backblast
  • Challenge #2: Post at 5 different AOs
  • Challenge #3: Q 2 workouts at your non-normal AO
  • Challenge #4: Post at 100 scheduled F3 Workouts in 2019
  • Challenge #5: Participate in 3 2ndF events
  • Challenge #6: Participate in 2 3rdF events
  • Challenge #7: Bring 3 FNGs

At the end of the year, their will be some level of recognition. There might be an award, but you’ll at least have bragging rights and the satisfaction of achieving something hard.

  • Bronze: Complete 3 of the 7 challenges
  • Silver: Complete 5 of the 7 challenges
  • Gold: Complete all 7 challenges

In order to keep track of the challenges, workout Qs, AO Qs, and Site Qs are responsible for ensuring that the details of any given event are entered below. This challenge is only interested in the F3 Savannah PAX, so for a downrange post, the only details that are necessary are for the Savannah PAX.

Enter the details from a 1st F, 2nd F, or 3rd F event below.