Tutti Frutti No-Show Q

YHC had the privilege of leading 11 PAX (Norm, Deuce, Frozone, Flat Tire, Gilligan, Pergo, Backstreet, Hardover, Honker, Noodles, Doughboy) in the muggy gloom. On a serious note, we haven’t heard from Tutti Frutti nor the Flag. Hope you are well brother.

Luckily, I had a few things in mind and like BC says everything always looks better on paper before we actually do it. Did a quick disclaimer and warm-up of Michael Phelps, Moroccan night clubs, chinooks, raise the roof, through the tunnels, and can’t remember the rest.

Then it was Mosey to the bleachers. YHC thought it was a great idea to do a modified Dora that included bleacher runs. All the PAX partnered up and one ran up and down the bleachers 3 times while the other partner did one of the three exercises: 100 burpees, 100 squat jumps, and 300 LBCs. Dora teams would alternate until final number of reps were achieved. Note: 100 squat jumps started out as 200 but YHC called an audible because his legs felt like jello after the burpees and bleacher runs. Plank when you’re done.

Next, we Mosey’d to the pavilion nearby with the park benches. We did a round of dips, American hammers, and derkins. Not necessarily in that order. Gilligan also suggested boat/canoe. And we also did the Alphabet spelling out “Tutti Frutti Sux”. Just giving you a hard time brother and it’s all in good fun. The mumblechatter was picking up and that’s always a good sign when you’re the surprise Q.

After, we had plenty of time to do suicides. Sprint to the first light pole, then mosey back to starting line. Then sprint to second light pole and mosey back. Lastly sprint to third light pole and mosey back.

With more time to spare we did more one-off exercises to include more American hammers, LBCs, burpees, merkins, manatee, etc. And we introduced Frozone to 21 SSH with the silent count. YHC can’t count, Doughboy gave up and just started doing burpees, and Pergo and Honker like to shout out random numbers. 10 burpee penalty for failing miserably at 21 SSH silent count challenge. Oh yeah, and Gilligan insisted on another round of boat/canoe.

COT: Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama, announcements (4th of July workout in Statesboro), pledge, and prayer.

Thanks for showing up today gents. Let’s continue to accelerate!

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